Car Park Construction and Kerb laying Services Across South Wales

Our car park construction services covers everything up until the surfacing is laid. Usually we install car parks across south wales for a range of commercial and domestic clients. Kerb laying is also a service we can provide where we come to your site and lay only the kerbs usually on a fixed priced depending on the number of kerbs, corners, radius' etc. 


What we do

Where we construct the whole car park we start with the ground preparation first including Site Clearance. Using the latest technology we excavate or fill the car park to level using laser levels and set out the area using the latest total stations and GPS. This is the level below the stone, we call this formation level. 

Once the car park is to formation level we then mark out, excavate and install the drainage and any services required inc street lighting ducting. We then backfill the drainage usually with stone and compact using a roller in layers to ensure adequate compaction and no Soft Spots. 

After this we then mark out for kerbs and prep any stone required to level. The kerbs are then laid on a concrete bed and haunched using concrete. Once we've got our kerbs in we bring any inspection chamber and gully lids to the correct level ready for surfacing. 

We then spread and compact stone to underside of tarmac level usually to within +/- 10mm to avoid cost of tarmac regulating. 


Additional Works

Car Park Design

If you don't have a design for your car park including exact location, size and levels we can using the latest survey software, design the car park to suit your needs. We regularly undertake this sort of work where there's little to no information and we can tailor the car park to your needs. Firlst we'd need to take a Topographical Survey of the area. 

We'd then liaise with you and design the car park to your requirements. We then also design the levels to suit the ground and minimise excavation and muck away. 

Once the design is agreed, our Site engineers would then proceed to site to set out the car park including datum points, kerbs, drainage and levels as and when required. 


Soft and Hard landscaping is also a service L.A.H Contracting can provide. All our prices can be tailored to your requirements.