Land Boundary Surveys - South Wales

We carry out Land boundary Surveys all over South Wales with the vast majority of our work in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. Whether you need a boundary survey for title plans or whether you have a boundary dispute we can cover most requirements. Our land boundary surveys start from as little as £200 plus VAT.

New Title Plan Surveys

We can produce title plans for any scale property, from a single dwelling to farms with acres of land. With these surveys accuracy is key, we use total stations and GPS equipment to ensure our work is to the highest level of accuracy. Unfortunately land registry except no responsibility of the accuracy of there drawings which can sometimes leave our customers with difficulties. Once we have information of the property we can provide a bespoke quote to tailor your needs. Our clients for these services include Land agents, Solicitors, Developers and public.

See an example of our boundary surveys below:


Determined Boundary Surveys

Determined Boundaries are usually used where there is a boundary dispute. Where both parties can't agree on a boundary we can then come in for one of the parties to carry out a determined boundary survey. We ensure our measurements meet the required specs for Land Registry. We measure key features such as fences, building corners and walls. We don't need access to the neighbouring property either as we can usually measure features using the Total Stations direct laser measurement function which eliminates the need to go in on foot. 

See an example of our determined boundary surveys below: